Saturday, 26 January 2008

eggs to die for

there are many pictures backed up, waiting to be uploaded, however, I just couldn't resist with these eggs (and also feared forgetting what I did with them)... the picture above shows two eggs lightly fried in grapeseed oil spooned over to whiten them, dropped on toasted soft white bread drizzled with olive oil and truffle infused oil then garnished with freshly cracked pepper, chives and spinach... I had these eggs yesterday and they amazingly good...

today, they were even better... I took away the chives and instead made a tomato dressing... I skinned and deseeded the tomatoes, diced them, then lightly cooked them in swiss brown mushroom butter made the other day, brown sugar and freshly chopped oregano... these may very well have been the best eggs I've ever made
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